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Our Latest Vestment Set Just Completed!

Marian Vestments made for the first Mass of Fr. Brian Crenwelge, June 5, 2016.  The vesica (the AM motif on the back of the chasuble) is designed by Sr. Anna Marie, cross stitched by Valerie and the finer details are done by Dom Daniel Oppenheimer.

Marian vestments in the making.

Garden work at Studio Adeodatus

Nice Weather and weeds, weeds, and more weeds to pull...

Click on the link below and check out a beautiful sample of our vestments made by Dom Daniel and listen to the beautiful choir during the Latin Mass:

2016 Easter Baking

Due to lack of time to make the Easter lamb cakes, "Egg Cake Bites" were made instead. One family that bought them called them "death bombs".  They were a big hit.  A special sheet lamb cake was made for the Canons Easter dinner as well as two delicious juicy irresistible blueberry pies.

Williamsburg School of Needlework

The study and learning of hand stitching church linens handed down for many centuries.

Valerie learning to hemstitch church linens.

Hemstitching is very tedious and contemplative work.  

Elegant finish work for Liturgical Linens with mitered corners, and linen layout work.

Mini Vestment for Dom John's classes.

Mini Vestments

These mini vestments were made at the request of Fr. John for teaching children the uses of different liturgical colors to the children in his classes.  Most of them were made from the scraps of vestments we had already made.

Snow at Studio Adeodatus 1/23/16

Images of our snow storm.  Making up for all the snow we did not get.

Front path carved out by Valerie earlier.

Images from the back and on right, the stairs leading to the painting studio.

Lower right, from the kitchen door.

Vestment Making in preparation for the Ordinations.

First a few stoles, fronts and backs. 

Then some maniples.

On to the dalmatics.

Matching up everything very carefully on the chasubles.

Helpers are welcomed.


Testing out the completed projects: is it straight? Is it even?

...and stitching by hand.

That is not's almost a never ending job!  Will we make it in time??

Oh, the pains of the craft of sewing fine vestments!

Very fine hand stitching by Valerie on Bishop Athanasius Schneider's stole.

Valerie showing off her very fine hand stitching of Bishop Athanasius Schneider's coat of arms.

Ordinations of Fr. John and Fr. Alban by Bishop Athanasius Schneider October 17, 2015

Paintings in gouache (samples) by Sr. Anna Marie

12 Christmas 2015 gingerbread cookie boxes.
An all day 10-day process.  All 12 boxed sold by December 20!

First the ingredients for the boxes are mixed.  Even though the mixer is a larger household size, it is still too small for the amount needed to make for selling.  So about two double batches were made.

Then the pieces were baked, cooled and grouped together to keep track of the count.  Our oven was not a commercial oven, so only a certain amount could be baked at a time.  Unfortunately the oven's heat is uneven, so the cookies had to be rotated in the middle of baking, which caused some burned fingers!

Once together, it is time for the fun part.  Using tinted royal icing and decorators tips, you scroll away to your hearts content!

The dough is now formed into a ball, ready to be rolled out flat for cutting.

A mixture for hard candy was made and carefully poured into the cutouts.  You had to be quick enough before the mixture hardens!

To fill them, you have to bake dozens and dozens and dozens of different kinds of cookies using all the Christmas sprinkles you can find that were not sold out by Halloween.

It takes quite a bit of willpower not to sample them as they go in the boxes!  Fortunately there were a few left over.  Whew!  Anyone got a treadmill?

After it is cut into rectangles, cookie cutters are used to cut out the center.  There was not Christmas tree cutter small enough so a pattern was made and then cut around with a knife.  It was a bit tedious!

then it is time to put it all together using a royal icing that hardens.  Once you get it to cooperate, it is pretty sturdy when it dries.  Of course there is always the possibility of dropping one of the panels!  Which happened... a star fell.

So everyone gets their fair share, the baked cookies are groups out in front of the boxes waiting to be filled.  Some Christmas candy were also thrown in for filling.

Last, you wrap it up in cellophane, tie a pretty Christmas bow and put a pretty tag on.  All ready to be sold.

Unfortunately there is none left...